18 yo
no pronouns

my name's amitie, ami for short. you can also call me nep.

born 08.07.02
neurodivergent (ADHD)
enby butch lesbian
chronically & mentally ill
gentile & agnostic
not a singlet

i moderate the azure striker gunvolt wikia and am affiliated with the precise museum

please stay the fuck away from me if you:

- indulge in pornographic/suggestive content of underaged characters and/or ships with characters that involve themes of incest or pedophilia.
- believe fiction does not affect reality.
- interpret criticism of your interest as criticism of you.
- are not going to act like an adult and speak directly to me if you have an issue with me.
- are not willing to check your privilege at appropriate intervals.

in other words, i'm absolutely fucking tired of people who act like they have no capacity for communication or change. also i'm an ""anti"" aka a normal person

other hot takes:

- bi lesbians do not fucking exist, the term was invented by terfs to insinuate that lesbians who date trans women are in fact bi instead of gay
- q***r is a slur i literally DON'T care if you use it for yourself but don't fucking insinuate that it be used as a community-wide term.
- i consider ace/aro people to be a part of our community. i'm not gonna argue with you about it. (read this)
- i have mixed feelings on people who identify as pan due to the Discourse surrounding it but i have nothing to say on it as someone who isn't bi, instead read this, this, this, and this

- don't call me a child/baby unless you're a close friend
- my account is very "political" mostly rt-wise but if you're going to turn off rts because i retweet politics i don't want you here
- i'm very tweet heavy. i literally never stop talking on this site
- i use "/s(arc)" or "/j" to indicate i'm being sarcastic or joking
- i'm okay with adults following but please be mindful of our age gap if you're like... 30
- outside of having a separate account for venting and another for art, i pretty much put everything i want on this one. you've been warned.
- please softblock when you want to break mutuals i am FUCKING begging you
- overall i am very chill and easy to get along with if you simply communicate your needs to me instead of thinking them

current hyperfixations:
- half life vr but the ai is self aware
- continue/stop/rise + it's universe

active interests:
- bang dream
- pokemon
- ace attorney
- read only memories 2064
- azure striker gunvolt

general interests:
- performing arts
- art and writing
- cats and possums (i rt lots of them)
- media analysis and critique
- musicology and music theory
- japanese to english translation
- gothic horror literature

click this to view everything else i like

past hyperfixations:
- inazuma eleven
- tokusatsu + precure
- yugioh (zexal-vrains)
- jjba (parts 4-6)
- puyo puyo

other inactive interests:
- dcmk
- super smash bros
- wandersong
- act addict actors
- kekkai sensen
- splatoon/2
- cookie run
- death note
- elsword
- deltarune

largely through osmosis:
- hollow knight
- kirby
- okami
- megaman
- demon slayer
- hanako-kun
- yakuza (?????)

i love all of you more than words can express

charlie - double - moxie - ken - vio - tot - casey

kris - shvon - momo

ian - jera - kaz - jules

cove - miryx - ingu - eri - circe - vic - luna - travi - shou - acy - afri - maya - mitho

rosa - milas - vern - eve - jane - isu

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banpa & staraca

here's a list of characters that make me feel visceral emotions when i see them. i Like other characters but if you really wanna kill me this is what you wanna aim for. maybe ill add pictures or something later

laby (elsword)
magolor (kirby)
entrapta (she-ra)
lancer (deltarune)
ecolo (puyo puyo)
ai (yugioh vrains)
mr. game & watch
flo (bx:execute)
ema skye (ace attorney)
teseo (azure striker gunvolt)
merak (azure striker gunvolt)
turing (read only memories)
baran brothers (inagala)
minaho kazuto (inagala)
parad (kamen rider ex-aid)

super secret kist (kin list)

i relate to them but i don't particularly see me and them as one in the same. doubles get hugs